New Hue Fugato Ceiling Spot Lights Due Soon

Philips Hue is one of those companies that never seem to sit still for one minute, as was evidenced last year (around the same time in fact), with a whole lot of outdoor lighting, including for the first time, outdoor light strips.

This year is already boding well with news of Hue Filament bulbs due out soon as well as, more Bluetooth enabled bulbs on top of the initial range released last month (like the new A19 bulbs we reviewed recently)

Now with the IFA trade show looming, some leaked images have emerged, first discovered by of the new Fugato Spotlights. These new fixtures will feature the standard 16 million colours, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity, which seems to be coming to all new Hue products.

Additionally, it seems Hue is also planning on the release of two types of recessed spotlights called ‘Centura’. The odd thing about these lights, in particular, is that they do resemble the Philips Hue Milliskin recessed spotlights that have been listed for a while, although this could be just a relaunch of the same product, with a new name, along with the addition of colour and bluetooth connectivity.

As regards price, here are prices we initially posted back in June, courtesy of regarding these new products in addition to others (release dates and spec could change of course);

  • GU10 (white) new design with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 36, 1st week September 2019)
  • GU10 (white ambiance) with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (week 36)
  • GU10 (white & color) with Bluetooth: 59.95 (week 36)
  • Hue White Filament with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 37, 2nd week September 2019)
  • Hue White Filament Edison with Bluetooth: € 24.95 (week 37)
  • Hue White Filament Globe with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (week 37)
  • Candle E14 with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 37)
  • Hue GO V2 with Bluetooth: € 79.95 (week 40, early October 2019)
  • Fugato spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (week 37, 2nd week September 2019)
  • Argenta spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (week 37)
  • Centura recessed spot (multiple configurations): from € 64.95 (week 37)
  • Adore mirror lamp (multiple configurations): from € 149.95 (week 45, beginning of November 2019)
  • Adore bathroom spot (multiple configurations): from € 49.95 (week 45)
  • Smart Plug: € 29.95 (introduction date unknown)

Thanks to Jo Schneider at for the heads-up.

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