Airplay 2 & HomeKit Update Finally Arriving for 2018 LG TVs

In what seemed to have been an ongoing ‘will they, won’t they’ saga regarding LG and how far back they would go for AirPlay 2 & HomeKit support, it now seems that, according to Joe Rossignol’s post on MacRumors, some customers are reporting that certain 2018 LG TVs finally receiving their updates. This push and pull scenario first started with the news that LG would add the updates to compatible TVs in its 2020 lineup, which caused a bit of consternation with owners of 2019 TV. The company then later went on to add the update for 2019 TV, with the promise of these Apple functions to 2018 TVs as well, after a lot of online pressure from LG TV owners.

However, on August 26th, the Korean company stated via their UK Twitter account, that it would no longer be planning on the aforementioned update. This unsurprisingly became a bit of a PR nightmare for the company, with many people stating their contempt for the unexpected move. After a lot of negative press from their user base, after only 10 days, the company did another ‘about-face’ and reiterated their plans to indeed go ahead with the updates to certain 2018 TV sometime later in the year. Phew! So, it seems the South Korean company are sticking to their promise, albeit with only days to go until 2021.

If you’re the owner of a relevant 2018 LGTV model and have received the update, please let us know how it’s working out in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “Airplay 2 & HomeKit Update Finally Arriving for 2018 LG TVs

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  • Now how do we get Sony to bring HomeKit to the 2017 XBR-A1E? I’m not holding my breath. I really don’t understand why these companies can have Alexa and Google Assistant support on older TVs but can’t support HomeKit.

    • Maybe they just assume that people who are already deep enough into the Apple ecosystem to care about this stuff – are more likely to spend money (being that there’s typically a price premium to buy into the Apple ecosystem).

      Hopefully what they learn is that people who are willing to pay the price premium for Apple stuff, also have a greater expectation of support. Vizio is a great example of a company who backported HomeKit support to every device running on their latest OS almost instantly.

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