Aqara Working on N. American Smart Light Switch

Lumi United Technology Co. Ltd, or Aqara, as they’re better know, are testing out new in-wall smart light switches, according to images and manuals discovered on the FCC website today. It would seem there are two distinct models; the AK022 and the AK024, which from our findings, correspond with a single and double switch, respectively.

Design-wise, these switches don’t match the in-wall switches that are currently available to buy, which are only suitable for Europe, the UK and China, and so, in this case, the dimensions of these switches correspond to specifications for North American usage. The manual for installing these switches is in American English and Spanish, and within the manual, we’re able to see that these switches use Zigbee, and also require pairing with a hub. It doesn’t specifically mention the Aqara hub, although there’s no reason to suspect the manual is referring to anything but the Aqara Hub. This, of course, does hint that these will be HomeKit compatible, although there are no guarantees at this point. These switches also require a neutral wire.

Specifications for the double rocker switch are;

  • Model: QBKG16LM
  • Dimensions: 120 x 74 x 36.5mm (4.72 x 2.91 x 1.44in)
  • Wireless protocol: Zigbee
  • Input: 120V AC @ 60Hz
  • Max Load: 1200w (total, incadescent), 200w/way (GFL/LED), 1/4HP
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 40°C (32 – 104°F)

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8 thoughts on “Aqara Working on N. American Smart Light Switch

  • Any information on EU switches?

    • Not so far – do the Chinese rocker switches fir the European recesses? I believe they fit UK ones.

  • European recesses are mainly if not all round so chinese switches with rectangular back do not fit directly. This is not a problem though, especially with drywall, just remove the round wall box, modify the hole and attach the switch dirctly to the wall, it has holes in the corners. With harder materials (concrete, brics etc) it is a bit more work but doable.

  • Thanks. I remember seeing the round recesses before, but was not sure if that was the most common type.

  • They fit UK boxes,
    I’ve seen some images of people who “squared” their round boxes, Mine are not in drywall so I’d rather wait for the EU version.

    BTW, have you checked the bticino switches? they’ve just added HomeKit support

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