Aqara Beta Updates Suggest HomeKit Coming For Aqara Smart Locks

If you recall recently, we reported on – and reviewed – the new Aqara B1 Curtain Controller, and in the review, we mentioned that it will almost certainly get HomeKit support when it’s finally released to the public, or soon after. Well although the Aqara B1 is still to be released, we do have access to beta software and beta firmware updates, and our latest findings have some interesting things for anyone who’s into HomeKit – and if you’re not, why are you still reading?

So, in the latest beta firmware update for both the Aqara hub and the Aqara B1, you can now add the B1 to the hub, which in turn exposes the B1 to HomeKit. This does NOT guarantee it will make it to the retail version, so don’t hold us to these findings, but it’s unlikely Aqara have gone this far, only for it to be removed again.

What we also found is that the recently reported Aqara Roller Shade Controller is also included in the update, so this too, when it becomes available, will have the ability to connect to HomeKit via the Aqara hub.

Our final finding was that Aqara plans on adding support for at least one of their Smart door locks, although the evidence of this via the beta version of the Aqara app is a little hazy, only mentioning Aqara smart lock, but not specifying a model. Aqara currently has three models that we’re aware of – the S1, the S2, and the S2 Pro – but our money is on the S2 Pro getting the update for HomeKit compatibility.

More news as we find it.

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