LIFX Release New String Lights for Australian Consumers

LIFX, the Australian light specialist acquired by Feit Electric, has released its newest lighting product for the Australian market, the LIFX String Light. These string lights, designed for outdoor use, come with 12 LED bulbs, each capable of 600 lumens covering a 7.3m/24ft long cable.

The lights themselves can provide both colour and warm to cool whites, covering 1500~9000K, with a CRI of 90, to provide close to realistic natural light.

What sets LIFX’s string lights apart from the competition, besides the larger size, is that each light actually contains three separately addressable LEDs (via the LIFX app), using the company’s own Polychrome technology. All parts of the string light package are designed for outdoor conditions, including the power supply, WiFi controller, and the lights themselves, of course. The power supply is 3.2m/10.5ft long which whilst not as long as it could be, can be connected to an outdoor wall socket if available. You can also connect up to three of these kits, extending the lights to nearly 22m/72ft.

As with pretty much all LIFX products, the string lights utilise 2.4GHz WiFi, so no hub or controller is required. Where the company stands on things like Matter and Thread is unclear, but they do still work with the three main platforms – Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home – SmartThings isn’t mentioned.

The string lights are available to Australian customers via their own store now, at a launch offer price of AU$215.99 (RRP AU$269.99).

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