Black Friday/Cyber Monday Amazon Deals 2023

Amazon’s Third sale of the year – Black Friday/Cyber Monday is here, and if you have any money left after the last two sales, here is a list of products to save you a little bit of your remaining hard-earned cash!

ProductDiscountBF/CM Price
Smartmi Air Purifier P1 (Silver)$72 OFF Coupon +
$9 OFF with code
Smartmi P1 replacement filter (Pet)Buy Two for the price of One$39.99

ProductPrime Day priceDiscountRegular price
Aqara Cube T1 Pro$18.3920% OFF$22.99
Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1$79.9920% OFF (not HomeKit compatible)$99.99
Aqara Presence Sensor FP2$62.2425% OFF$82.99
Aqara LED Strip T1$39.9920% OFF$49.99
Camera Hub G3$87.9920% OFF$109.99
Curtain Driver E1 (Rod Version)$79.9920% OFF$99.99
Curtain Driver E1 (Track Version)$71.9920% OFF$89.99
Camera Hub G2H Pro$54.9921% OFF$69.99
Hub M2$41.9930% OFF$59.99
Hub M1S (gen 2)$44.7920% OFF$55.99
TVOC Air Quality Monitor$35.9920% OFF$44.99
Smart Wall Switch (With Neutral, Double Rocker)$31.4921% OFF$39.99
Smart Wall Switch (No Neutral, Single Rocker)$29.9925% OFF$39.99
Smart Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single Rocker)$27.9922% OFF$35.99
Smart Plug$24.9924% OFF$32.99
Motion Sensor P1$17.4930% OFF$24.99
Motion Sensor14.3430% OFF$20.49
Temperature & Humidity Sensor$15.9920% OFF$19.99
Water Leak Sensor$14.2425% OFF$18.99
Door & Window Sensor$13.4925% OFF$17.99
Door & Window Sensor P2$20.9930% OFF$29.99
Wireless Mini Switch$12.5930% OFF$17.99
Aqara Smart Lock U100$132.9930% OFF$189.99
Video Doorbell G4$90.9924% OFF$119.99
Dual Relay Module T2$27.9920% OFF$34.99
Camera E1 (requires code USCAE1PR valid Nov 24-27)$47.9920% OFF$59.99

ProductPrime PriceDiscountRegular Price
Nanoleaf 4D Strip (UP65" TVs)$79.9920% OFF$99.99
Nanoleaf 4D Strip (UP85" TVs)$99.9916.67% OFF$119.99
Black Hexagons Smarter kit (9 pack)$189.9913.64% OFF$219.99
Black Trianngles Starter kit (9 pack)$189.9913.64% OFF$219.99
Mini Triangles Smarter Kit (9 pack)$79.9920% OFF$99.99
Elements Smarter Kit (7 pack)$179.9928% OFF$249.99
Shapes Triangles and Mini Triangles (17 pack)$199.9920% OFF$249.99
Nanoleaf Lines Starter kit (9 pack)$149.9925% OFF$199.99
Nanoleaf Lines 60º Smarter Kit (15 pack)$199.9933% OFF$299.99
Matter A19 Bulb$14.9925% OFF$19.99
Matter A19 Bulb (3pk)$49.9920% OFF$39.99
LED Strip 2m (Matter)$34.9930% OFF$49.99

ProductBF/CM PriceDiscountRegular price
Airversa Purelle Air Purifier$135.9920% OFF$169.99
Airversa Humelle Smart Humidifier (Ice Blue)$95.9920% OFF$119.99
Airversa Humelle Smart Humidifier (Crystal Clear)$103.9920% OFF$129.99
Airversa Humelle Smart Humidifier (Pebble Grey)$95.9920% OFF$119.99

ProductBF/CB PriceDiscountRegular Price
Mini Robot Vacuum K10+$399.9920%$499.99
Curtain 3(U Rail)$62.9930%$89.99
Curtain 3(Rod)$62.9930%$89.99
Blind Tilt$48.9930%$69.99
Hub 2$48.9930%$69.99
Bot White$20.3030%$29.00
Bot Black$20.9930%$29.99
Lock (Silver)$69.9930%$99.99
Solar Panel 3$18.1930%$25.99
Plug Mini (Homekit)$14.990%$14.99

ProductBF/CM PriceDiscountRegular Price
Ecobee Video Doorbell$139.9913% OFF$159.99
Ecobee SmartCamera$79.9920% OFF$99.99

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