Xiaomi/Aqara release new HomeKit compatible app

Aqara, one of the sub-brands of the Xiaomi line of products, have released a new HomeKit enabled app that, once launched, asks for permission to access your HomeKit database, as is the case with all 3rd party HomeKit apps. The difference in this case though is that when you choose to add a new device, you are presented with a selection of their own devices to automatically add, with an option to add any ‘Other HomeKit-enabled Accessory’.

Having tested this out by attempting to add my Xiaomi/Mijia/Aqara Gateway, you eventually have to scan a HomeKit code (as is standard for HomeKit devices), but as of writing, there is of course no HomeKit code available. Whether these codes will be issued with newer versions of these products, or possibly via the app itself, which would generate a HomeKit code (as seen with the LifeSmart app) we just don’t know, but this is certainly another major sign of Xiaomi’s intention to include Homekit support for their products going forward.

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11 thoughts on “Xiaomi/Aqara release new HomeKit compatible app

  • Mine just arrived in the mail. I’ll be messing around with it this weekend. Hopefully full homekit integration will arrive soon

    • Hi Eric, have you received the new Aqara gateway or something else? It would be interesting to see what you have.

      • Hi Simon,
        I’m not sure if its the latest, but i can take a pic and send it to you.
        It does speak in Mandarin when I’m trying to pair it, but it works well with the Mi Home app which is mostly English at this time.
        If I use the Aqara Home app, I run into the same issue when it asks for the Home Kit code which is unavailable at this time.

        Not sure if you’ve seen this for using homebridge:

        • Hi Eric
          I’d like to see a pic if you can send one – you can email your pic to info(@) (I added the brackets to avoid spam, so just remove the brackets in the address to send the pic to me). I’ve got two gateways from Xiaomi, but only one is fully set up at the moment. They both have speech in Chinese when adding stuff, but yes the app is mostly in English. I do use Homebridge in a limited way currently, on my iMac, just to control the Xiaomi Air Purifier, and it works really well this way, but I’m really new to the whole HomeBridge game, so not sure how to add other stuff at this time.

          • Hi Simon, I’ve emailed you a pic. Mine has Mi Jia branding. I haven’t gotten around to messing with Homebridge yet, but I’ll get around to it. For now I have my Philips Hue and Homekit working together, while the Xiaomi stuff is automated within its own bridge.
            I also just got the Koogeek lightstrip. Managed to get it to connect to Homekit after a few tries. The light doesn’t seem as responsive to the app in terms of speed of switching brightness and colour. Actually most of the time the colour looks different from the app. Philips Hue its not, but it is much cheaper.

          • Got the pic, thanks, I replied. Let me know how you get on with Homebridge. I’m holding off until I know whether HomeKit support will be coming soon. If not, then Homebridge it is. I’ve got a few Koogeek devices, but not the lightstrip. I tend to like their products, but I did have a few issues with their door and window sensor. Thanks again.

  • any update on Gateway, will the Xiaomi Gateway updated as well?

    • Hi Theo, no news so far. I do tend to keep a look out for any news on this and often check for updates to the recent Aqara HomeKit app, which I think is the key to when things will change. As soon as I know it’ll be posted here!

  • I was super happy to find the info about the app, but the HomeKit codes are still not anywhere to be found. Really weird, that the app is out for 2 months, but I don’t see any use of it … I hope they fix this asap, I would love to use my hub and accessories via Homekit, since I am too busy to play with homebridge …

    • From the videos they’ve issued so far, it would seem that the HomeKit code will be supplied with their new Aqara Hub, which is not out yet.

      • I see, thanks!
        Yeah, I saw on the website, that smart hub is coming soon. That’s great, I hope it arrives soon.

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