Firmware Update Adds HomeKit Support For Hue Contact Sensor

Signify, the company behind Philips Hue has pushed an update for its recently released contact sensor that adds support for Apple Home. With the update, the sensor is now exposed as a standard sensor for doors, windows, cupboards, or even refrigerators. The update appears to be for the Hue Bridge, with the bridge then exposing the sensor.

The contact sensor was released earlier this year as part of Hue’s new security range, which also included an indoor/outdoor camera, and a combined camera and floodlight for outdoor use. As the contact sensor uses Zigbee, you will need the Hue Bridge in order for it to work, as well as expose it to Apple HomeKit (or other third-party platforms), so if you don’t already have a Hue bridge, this might be too expensive to invest in, when it’s already not the cheapest contact sensor around, at US$39.99.

you can pick up a single contact sensor set on for the aforementioned price of US$39.99 in white only, with the black model only available in Europe currently.

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