EU Aqara Hub Finally Available in Sweden

After nearly a full 12 months since the original/current Aqara HomeKit hub was announced, the EU version of the Aqara hub has begun to surface, after a user on a Polish tech forum uploaded an image of their own Aqara hub, revealing the EU style electrical pins, so as to show it’s not a Chinese version. We currently don’t know where he got his unit from, but it would seem that Poland isn’t the only place to have received stock of this particular device.

We contacted a colleague in Sweden who himself has been keen to get one of the EU hubs, and he has confirmed that he was able to place an order for an EU hub with, an online store in Sweden, with delivery of the hub to him expected within the day. Other online stores in Sweden are reporting that the hub is available to pre-order, with shipping in 2-3 days.

the big question for many people right now, however, is with the potential release of the next generation of Aqara hub – the Aqara M2 – who will want to buy this hub in the knowledge that a newer, and evidently more powerful device is just around the corner?

As soon as our friend gets his hub, we’ll be uploading a few pics to updated this article.

Thanks to Sebastian G for the tipoff.

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