Hue White Ambiance and E14 Filament Bulbs Coming Later This Year

In additional news relating to Philips Hue, following on from the discovery of the new, brighter colour Ambience bulbs, the company are also planning an update to the range of filament bulbs they initially released back towards the end of 2019.

The updated models, whilst much the same in terms of their lumen output, now have the ability to produce warm to cool whites, which is something the current models are not capable of, being stuck with warm white.

What will be new to the Hue filament range will be the E14 size bulbs, which was something lacking in the current lineup of bulbs with the retro look that became very popular, with many companies still releasing their takes on filament bulbs – Meross and LiFX being the two most recent. We’re not sure if the E14 bulbs will be White Ambiance or merely warm white at this time. There’s no word on price at present, but we expect that the price of the White Ambiance filament bulb to be slightly higher than the current warm white equivalents.

For now, you can check out our review of the ST19 Hue Filament bulb below;

Philip Hue White Filament ST19 Smart Bulb (review)

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