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Somfy Announce Smart Lock

First spotted by French website iphonesoft.fr, European company Somfy have unveiled their own take on the smart lock. Designed with Euro cylinder locks in mind that are more prevalent in Europe, the new lock uses the companies own patented IntelliTAG technology that allows you to see the state of the door, whether it’s open, closed or even whether the door isn’t closing properly for some reason.

The lock itself also has an integrated vibration sensor, that can detect if forced entry is being attempted, and via automations and notifications can trigger an alarm.

The company claim to use a new powerful, integrated motor to allow for fast but very smooth and quiet operation, which as you may appreciate if you’re an owner of a smart lock, they aren’t always the quietest of devices. As with many smart locks on the market now, the lock comes with a variety of features that allows you to grant access to others, revoke or time-restrict access via the company’s own app.

The lock will be available in several colours and should be available towards the 2nd quarter of 2020.

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