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New Abode Indoor/Outdoor Camera Coming Soon

Abode, who only recently unveiled HomeKit support for many of their sensors, via the iota Gateway-camera, have now announced a brand new standalone camera, that whilst being able to work with other Abode devices, doesn’t require one of their hubs. This due to the camera using Wifi as its preferred form of connectivity, with many Abode devices using the company’s abodeRF/433Mhz wireless connection.

As is evident by the title of this article, this camera can be used indoors as well as outdoors, with an  IP65 weather-resistant housing. The camera itself is packed with a lot of features, although many of them are fairly standard for cameras. Here’s a list of some features;

  • Facial recognition
  • two-way voice functionality
  • 152º wide-angle lens
  • IR night vision
  • PIR motion sensor
  • 1080p video recording

The company also state that the camera can act as a doorbell, although not in the conventional sense. With the camera having the ability to both detect human motion along with facial recognition, the camera can be set to alert you to the presence of someone at your door, in addition to triggering a doorbell chime. This of course relies on you getting a notification if someone does want to speak to you, so that would mean the visitor has to wait, rather than press a button. So, even though the person at your door isn’t pressing a doorbell as such, this approach preempts such an action, which is great in many ways, although if someone is simply dropping something off, you may not necessarily want the doorbell to ring as well as getting a notification. The camera can also be powered by existing doorbell wiring, which makes for a convenient setup if you already have a wired doorbell in place you’re looking to replace.

the camera will work with Amazon Alexa out of the box, with HomeKit and Google Nest support coming soon after.

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