New Aqara Hub (and more) on The Horizon?

It seems that nothing stays still for too long, and in the world of technology, this is especially true. In this case, it seems that Aqara may have some more new devices coming in the near future, and one of those seems to be a new Aqara gateway. We’ve already seen images of quite a few new devices, although until recently we were literally going on images inside a beta, that have appeared in a Test Flight version of the Aqara app, but while we’ve agreed with Aqara to sit on these, for the time being, it seems that as regards the Android version of the Aqara app, they now have many of these new devices listed, including the new Aqara hub.

The new Aqara Hub M2, as listed here within the Android version of the Aqara app, wouldn’t be HomeKit compatible via the Android app at all, but we have seen evidence of this Hub asking for a HomeKit code in previous screenshots, although there’s no news on whether that’ll ever actually come out.

As can be seen in the screenshots above, it’s a little confusing in the case of hubs, as they have the Aqara Hub listed, the brand new Aqara Hub M2, an Aqara Smart Hub, which actually looks like a rebranded European Mi Gateway, and yet another hub, listed as Multifunction Hub. If that was not all, they even list an Aqara Wall Outlet Hub, which is also new.

In addition to Aqara’s LED bulb, we now see two new Spot Lights, of which one seems to be a colour version and possibly a white or ‘tuneable white’ version, but simply listed as ‘Spot Light (adjustable brightness)’. It’s quite likely these are the previously announced Yeelight products, rather than Aqara.

for the first time in the Aqara app, we now also see the Aqara S2 and S2 Pro door locks listed, as well as the forthcoming B1 curtain controller and the Roller Shade controller.

Finally, the US version of the Aqara light switches we previously reported on, are now listed when you go through the process of adding an accessory.

There are actually more devices, that, as I’ve mentioned before, we’ve agreed to not publish at this time (sorry!), but safe to say that there is way more due from Aqara in the coming months, assuming everything we’ve seen will be released at some point.

Major props to Eric Yao, who discovered these listings in the Beta Aqara app, and Mariusz F for reporting the Android findings and sending us the screenshots.

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