The Updated Onvis Motion Sensor w/ Thread is Out Now

We have many choices regarding motion sensors, but if you want a Thread-enabled model, the list gets considerably shorter. The good news is that this list has grown by plus one today with the release of the Onvis motion Sensor SMS2, which replaces their now ageing Bluetooth model with Thread. The new motion sensor sports the same design as its forebear, although thankfully the logo on the front has been reduced significantly. The SMS2 also includes the temperature and humidity sensors, as with the previous iteration.

That’s not the only improvement though, as aside from being upgraded to Thread, the SMS2 now includes a basic light sensor, and unlike many motion sensors, you can create automations to turn the motion detection off, based on other devices, the time of day, or as part of a larger scene. This is initially achieved in the Onvis app as a scene, which is then exposed to HomeKit for use as a standard scene or as part of an automation.

The SMS2 is the newest product from Onvis to join its lineup of Thread products, including the Contact Sensor CT3, the 5-button Smart switch, and their S4 smart plug (in EU, US, and UK versions), with the plugs being Matter over Thread, as opposed to HomeKit over Thread for the rest of the lineup. There’s talk of releasing a Matter over Thread version of the SMS2 in the future, but for now, it’s a HomeKit exclusive.

You can buy the SMS2 for US$34.99 on and UK£34.99 on now, and although it’s also listed on, the release date is listed as December 20th – a last-minute Christmas gift, perhaps?

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5 thoughts on “The Updated Onvis Motion Sensor w/ Thread is Out Now

  • Would that be a new version that would support matter over thread or are they looking to see if a firmware update is possible?

    • Hi, they will release a separate Matter over Thread version, so the current one will remain HomeKit over Thread, and not be updated to Matter.

  • Where is the SMS2 available? It isn’t yet available on either Amazon or on the Onvis website.

    • I’m not sure why you can’t find it. Its on,, and Which store are you looking at?

      • You’re correct. I checked in the morning and hadn’t yet seen it but after reading your comment I now see it on Amazon. Thanks for your reply.

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