New Matter Light Switches for The US/EU From ZemiSmart

ZemiSmart has been a company that whilst not many consider the forefront of smart home innovation, are nonetheless churning out device after device with Matter and/or Thread compatibility. Having seen Matter curtain and roller shade motors from the company, ZemiSmart has now revealed Matter over WiFi smart switch for both North American and European standards.

These are all available as single gang switches, but offer one, two, three, and four button options for both the European and US varieties. This is something not many companies offer for HomeKit compatible switches.

The two important things to note for any prospective user is that all of these switches require a neutral wire, something less common in the EU and UK, and these are Matter over WiFi switches, so no Thread here on this occasion. That does mean that the pricing is very competitive, however;

The EU switches are priced at between UK£18~24 / €21~27, depending on the variant chosen, with the US equivalent priced at between US$21~27. All of these prices do not include shipping of course.

All variants for both the EU and US models are available for immediate purchase from ZemiSmart’s own site.

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