DeLonghi MDH-15 Wi-Fi Multi-Dynamic Heater

Intuitive operation with iPhone application

“MD Heater” application instead of remote control.

  • ● Power ON / OFF
  • ● Temperature / power level adjustment
  • ● Scheduled operation etc.

Voice control with Siri

Talk to Siri and operate. Just say “Good Morning” and the heater turns on.

Accessible from the outdoors

Access the heater anytime, anywhere. If you have an Apple TV, you can warm up the room remotely before going home or stop when you forget to turn it off.

Access image from outdoors

Start warming the house up when you leave the ticket gate on your way home.

Wicket image

If you set GPS, operate heater with position information. If you get close to home, warm the room and turn off the power when you leave home.

Get a good night sleep with an even temperature.

Good night image

It corresponds to Apple HomeKit and access to multiple home appliances is possible. Heater and other devices compatible with Apple HomeKit are managed collectively.

Size (mm) Length 495 × width 275 × height 665
Weight of main unit (kg) 12.5
color Pure white + matte black
Power consumption (W) 1500
Power switching (W) 300/600/900/1200/1500
Approximate size (tatami) 10 ※ 1 ~ 13 ※ 2 tatami
Standby power (W) About 2.0
Code length (m) 2.5
Voltage / frequency AC 100 V / 50/60 Hz
set Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB

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2 thoughts on “DeLonghi MDH-15 Wi-Fi Multi-Dynamic Heater

  • We live in Japan and we have two of these. I have to say it is super convenient being able to warm up the living room and office when we wake up. Also adjusting the temperature with Siri is really cool. This was our second winter with these heaters. Unfortunately our house is traditionally Japanese which means no insulation, last winter we struggled to keep warm, but this year I discovered running a dehumidifier at the same time will make the rooms feel nice and warm.

    One thing that I don’t understand is… why are they only available in Japan? I think Delonghi is making a pretty huge mistake… oil heaters are not popular here, at all. Japanese people love kerosene heaters.

    We like our heaters a lot, the only problems we have is that they often show as ‘Updating’ in the Home app, which is annoying, I don’t know if this is an issue with the heater firmware or with Homekit? Anyhow we are considering buying a 3rd heater.

    • Hi Zed
      Thanks for the info. They do sound good. I’m in Taiwan, so you would think they’d be available here, but then most countries – Taiwan included – have their own tests that devices have to get certification for, so if the company don’t think they’ll get enough sales from a device to justify all the costs of certification, distribution etc, then I can see why they would have limited markets. Taiwan is actually only a bit cold for 3 months of the year anyway, so there’s probably not a massive market for a heater.

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