Aqara Updates FAQs to Include Various References to HomeKit

Aqara, the smart device brand that comes under the Xiaomi electronics umbrella, have updated their website FAQs page today to include various references to HomeKit. Most notable amongst the various FAQs regarding their products is in connection with the Aqara Hub, with a list of 45 FAQs, of which around a quarter reference HomeKit in some way, with the very first FAQ being “What is HomeKit?”

Aqara have a ‘Quick Start’ guide available that states that when setting up the Aqara Hub, you will need to enter the HomeKit code found on the device or packaging, so it seems clear that this forthcoming device will be accompanied by a HomeKit code. In addition, there are many of the aforementioned references simply mirroring what you would find on Apple’s own website in regards to HomeKit. Also, the 2nd FAQ – “What is the Aqara Hub?” does state;“Aqara Hub is a HomeKit-enabled smart bridge. With the Aqara Hub, your iOS devices can control wall switches and RGB night lights, monitor temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, sense human movement, and detect water leaks…More Aqara accessories will be connected to Apple HomeKit platform. See for more details.”

The big question everyone must be asking now is, of course, “where is the Aqara Hub, and how can I buy it?”. This is largely unanswered by Aqara, since their website doesn’t actually list the product in amongst the devices that are currently displayed on the homepage, although it is listed as ‘Coming Soon’ when you ‘hover’ over the ‘Products’ tab at the top of the page.

This would ultimately suggest that all current Xiaomi/Aqara/Mijia hubs may not be compatible with HomeKit when it does arrive, and could even mean that only Aqara devices will get to be HomeKit compatible. However, at this stage it could also be the case that whilst you would almost certainly need the new Aqara Hub to get HomeKit compatibility, all existing Xiaomi devices that go through the Gateways that are currently on sale, would also work with the new Aqara Hub and therefore be exposed to HomeKit.

Only time will tell.

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