Lenovo Announce New Smart Homekit-Compatible Products

Lenovo, the Chinese company widely known for its computers, tablets and smartphones, have announced a trio of smart devices that will work with HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This set consists of a Smart plug, a camera and a light bulb according to a recent post on;

The Lenovo Smart Bulb uses wi-fi to connect to your network, as opposed to Bluetooth or a proprietary bridge. The bulb comes in at 9w, with 800lm, which is pretty much on a par with most Hue bulbs. The bulb has a colour temperature range of between 2700k – 6500k, with a 15,000 hour lifespan.

The Smart Camera is essentially designed as a security camera, but also with baby monitor usage in mind (it looks awfully similar to the Arlo Baby Cam, but that’s just me). It’s a pan and tilt camera, so you get nearly 360º in the horizontal, and 120º in the vertical. The camera also contains a built-in mic and speaker, which would be essential for most cases, but especially as a baby monitor.

The final product is the smart plug, which arrives at a time when the smart home market is bursting at the seams with smart plugs. However, it is quite compact, which could give it an edge over some of the larger smart plugs out there that currently take up two outlets, due to their size.

The smart bulb and outlet will be first on the market, coming out in November of this year both for around $29.99, with the smart camera coming out some time in early 2019, with pricing said to be around $100.

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