Ikea Smart Plug Available in Swedish Stores Now

First spotted by Chris Aston-Roebuck and Mark Burr in the ‘Apple HomeKit Users Group’ on Facebook, it appears that the recent rumblings of new Ikea Trådfri smart products are finally becoming official, with a notification in the iOS Trädfri app informing users of “what’s new”. In this case, it’s the new Smart Plug that started to appear on in-store displays last month. In the app, a simple line drawing of said smart plug is shown (see image below), with the following wording;

“Control Outlets
The new TRÅDFRI control outlet makes other devices in your house smarter. Just plug in and play!  Learn More”

In addition to the smart plug, Ikea are also selling a starter kit, comprising the plug and a remote to control the smart plug. The smart plug currently appears on Ikea’s Sweden online store for 99Kr, whilst the starter pack is pried at 149Kr. Ikea’s website states these items will be available in October, although the product has already appeared in some stores in Sweden. A simple search on Ikea’s UK and US websites don’t currently return any results for a Smart plug, so the products is still forthcoming for these territories it would seem. This news follows hot on the heels of the recently reported FCC filing for an Ikea Trådfri smart blinds device.

One important note is that even though these smart plugs are designed to work with the Trådfri gateway, and by extension, HomeKit, actual support for these to work with HomeKit won’t be available until October, when Ikea will assumedly be pushing out a firmware update to either the gateway, the plug, or both.

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