Legrand Unveil New Light Strip, Motion and Door Sensors

Legrand have only recently made a go of introducing their smart home range to the US, initially with a couple of smart plugs and wired wall switches, but now it seems they’re expanding into other areas of the smart home arena, with a new light strip, a motion sensor and a door/window sensor.

First mentioned by Redditor u/brantmacga in the HomeKit subReddit, these new devices are branded as part of the ‘Radiant’ range, with the two sensors using Bluetooth 5.0 as their mode of connection, whilst the light strip uses regular wifi. The idea of the sensors using Bluetooth may put some people off due to the well documented initial slow response times, although as these devices are using Bluetooth 5.0, range and reaction speeds should be largely improved over Bluetooth 4.2, although on Legrand’s own website, the motion sensor lists a reaction time of 2 seconds, which is a little slow. The motion sensor and door sensor are both very reminiscent of the Eve equivalents.

The other issue the products may have to contend with right now is price, as both of the sensors are priced at just under US$40 each. 18 months ago this would have been the norm, but since the advent of cheaper and faster devices from the likes of Mijia, Aqara, Onvis, Terncy and others, customers may well baulk at these prices. The Light Strip too, which can be extended by up to 33ft, comes in at US$59.99, when similar products are now selling for well below the U$35 mark.

Nevertheless, if you like the sound of these new products, you can take a look at the promo video to get a better overview;

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2 thoughts on “Legrand Unveil New Light Strip, Motion and Door Sensors

  • Hi there! You mentioned motion sensors from “Mijia, Aqara, Onvis, Terncy” Are these available in the US? Amazon? I’m interested in using them in my kitchen for my under cabinet lighting. Wondering if you’d recommend one over the others. Thanks!

    • Hi, the Aqara sensors are on, although you would need the hub for them to work. They are super fast though. The same goes for the Terncy motion sensor, which requires their hub. The Terncy device, known as the Awareness Switch, combines two motion sensors, a temperature sensor and ambient light sensor as well as a programmable switch, so it’s an amazing device. If you don’t want to get a hub, then the Onvis motion sensor uses Bluetooth 5.0 and also contains temperature and humidity sensors, but it’s still cheaper than the Legrand version, at just $25.99. You can read the review here –

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