Circle 2 First Camera to Get HomeKit Secure Video

Logitech today released a Beta update that effectively enables all HomeKit enabled Circle 2 cameras to work with Apple’s new HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) functionality. This makes the Circle 2 the very first camera to support this new option, although no doubt more will follow, with HSV functionality promised for the new EufyCam 2. which has already started to appear on and Best Buy in the US.

If you’re not aware of HomeKit Secure Video, it enables you to securely store activity detected by your cameras to your iCloud account and view live and recorded video from your camera via the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. In order to take advantage of this, you will need an iCloud account with at least the 200GB storage plan, so the free (5GB) and 50GB options for iCloud won’t be eligible. The 200GB storage plan allows for one camera to use HSV, whilst the 2TB storage plan allows support for up to five cameras.

Even though there have been few companies to publicly state support for HSV with their cameras and video doorbells, not many have gotten on board, although we are aware of at least two other companies that will be supporting HSV in products that have yet to be released or announced. We aren’t at liberty to name them at this time, however.

More information on features, benefits and Apple requirements to enable these features is available here.

Logitech has stated that users who convert their cameras to work with HomeKit secure video can revert back to a firmware that works with the Circle App, but they will have to contact customer support to achieve this. Those who wish to do so should visit the Logitech support site to learn more about converting to Apple HomeKit Secure Video and address any other questions they may have.

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