Aqara updates Add Support For Some Mijia/Xiaomi Devices

Aqara have recently released an update to their Home app, along with a firmware update to their hub (firmware 1.2.32) that now seems to allow some Xiaomi/Mijia devices to be added to their app. In the update to the app itself, the automation section now has additional devices listed , which include the following;

  • Mi Window & Door Sensor
  • Mi Motion Sensor
  • Mi Wireless Switch
  • Mi Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Mi Smart Plug (Chinese version)
  • Cube
  • LED Light Bulb (Tuneable White)

There is a mixture of good and bad news with the latest update; The good news is that for those people who bought Aqara Wireless Rocker Switches that then found they were an older type (that wasn’t supported by the new Hub) despite the same model number, these can now be successfully added to the Aqara Hub/App. The bad news is that these Rocker Switch still don’t get exposed to HomeKit, so if you’re going to be making use of these, you will be limited to automations within the Aqara app, which in turn means you can only create automations to control other Aqara devices.

The last one item on the list above, for the LED light bulb, doesn’t seem to include Yeelight Tuneable Whites that we have here, but other sensors seem to be working as expected.

We’ll be doing more tests, so stay tuned for an update to this post.


  • Aqara have issued a firmware update for their Aqara hub, taking the firmware version to 1.2.32.
  • Some of the Mijia devices now seem to be exposed to HomeKit. So far the Mi Motion Sensor, Mi Mini Wireless Switch and the Mi Window and Door Sensor are all now appearing Apple’s Home app.

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11 thoughts on “Aqara updates Add Support For Some Mijia/Xiaomi Devices

  • YEAH – but DESTROYED now my Aqara ENGLISH Hub I cannot connect to iPhone NEW App with USA locale!!!

    • Have you tried changing to China server? It’s working fine here for us.

      • Yes I did – because I deleted that Hub from Chinese Locale – now I stuck on “Binding Hub” – and got Error

        Basically – now it is USELESS under both Locales (Chinese and USA).

        P.S. I know what I am doing – I got Xiaomi Hub as well – for over 2 years. Aqara Hub do not work under iPhone latest today update.
        I even tried tricks like connecting hub first in WiFi Settings – no success

        • I have exactly same situation

        • Plus one. At least with the previous version of the app I could add the Hub to HomeKit. Now with this version everything is gone. I removed everything from the iOS Home App, thinking that starting over would fix the problem, and now I get an error saying that the device isn’t compatible with HomeKit during the pairing process. What a shame! I thought I would save some money buying these chinese stuff, but it seems I will have to spend some money and buy a “serious” Apple HomeKit compatible product.

          If you haven’t yet updated to v1.4.3 of the Aqara Home app do yourself a favor and don’t update.


  • Here the same

  • same here. And the new hub firmware isn’t pushed as far as I can see.

  • This is good news! Now hoping the Xiaomi Smoke detector will also be supported by the app sometime in the near future so I can finally replace my Nest Protect with a HomeKit compatible alternative.

    • Yes, I have a Xiaomi Smoke detector waiting to join the club!

  • I update the firmware no issues… chaina mainland servers..

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