UK Trådfri Smart Plugs Now Available in Some Stores

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We’ve had a report of Ikea Smart plugs appearing in a few stores in the UK, notably Ikea Wembley, Greater London. Some people are also reporting that online orders are now also active. This is all despite Ikea’s UK site still neglecting to feature any images of either the smart plug or the Plug & remote combo pack. who informed us of the plugs being in stock, actually managed to buy four of the smart plugs, although the remote+plug packs were not available in-store at the time.


One important thing to note if you’re planning on buying these smart plugs, you will need a remote in order to pair them with the Ikea Gateway, and by extension, HomeKit integration. The good news is that while the combo packs aren’t available, any of the other Tradfri remotes that Ikea already do sell will able to be used for the pairing process.

On the subject of homeKit support and integration, also reported that they had spoken to Ikea’s tech support section, who informed them that the necessary update to the Tradfri system to allow these plugs and remotes to be exposed to HomeKit will be issued on October 30th.

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