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Opro9 smart Air Purifier

The Smart Air Purifier by Opro9.

Customisable Light Display
Easily control the light level using an app – full light, half light or pulse

Air Quality Display Using Light and Colour
Five colours to display the status of your air quality

Air Quality Detection

  • When pollution is detected, it automatically begins purification
  • Sync with your app to display air quality status

Negative Ions

  • Automatically generates negative ions to clean the air when pollution is detected

Air Quality Status Light Display

  • Displays one of five colours to denote air quality
  • Your app can easily control the white light display; Full light | half light | pulsing

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2 thoughts on “Opro9 smart Air Purifier

  • When does this come out?

    • Hi George, I’m trying to find out where and when via the company now as it happens. It’s listed on their website, but I’m not sure if it’s in the stores on Taiwan yet, which will be the first place they appear, with western countries to follow.

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