Homey Hub Now Has ‘Official’ HomeKit Support

Homey, the hub that acts like ‘glue’ by sticking all your disparate smart devices together under one controller, has been around for a while now, and although it has been able to work with HomeKit in a round about way, with a variety of plugins, it was always a beta option. However, Homey have now announced via their blog that they now have ‘built-in’ HomeKit support.

What does this mean for us HomeKit users though? Well, all those lovely smart devices you might have by different manufacturers, many of which aren’t HomeKit compatible as such, will now be able to communicate with each other, without the need for a Raspberry Pi, for example. As Homey themselves state;

Homey now has built-in support for Apple HomeKit. When enabled, you can control all your devices from the Home app on your iOS device, and using Siri using a HomePod or iOS device. There are very few HomeKit accessories for sale, so with Homey’s massive support for all brands, this is a much welcome addition for Apple users.

So, brands that were previously ‘out of reach’ for HomeKit users, like Nest, Innr, Aeotec, Somfy etc. are now able to connect with, and talk to, all your other smart accessories, via the Homey Hub. Homey claims to be able to work with over 50,000 devices, so you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.

The Homey Hub is available directly from their website for €299,00  – although at the time of writing, they’re currently sold out.

Thanks to Dale Wright for spotting this news.

Simon T Bramley

Editor - Musician, graphic designer and HomeKit aficionado, living in Taipei, Taiwan.

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