New Smart Lock Revealed by Level Startup

Startup company Level has revealed its first new product, namely, the Level Lock, which whilst not an entirely new concept in itself, does take the notion of how a smart lock integrates with your door in a slightly different direction.

Level describes their new ‘Level Lock’ as “…the world’s first invisible smart lock – designed to install inside your door in minutes to transform your existing deadbolt…”. The Level lock’s entire mechanism sits inside the circular recess reserved for the deadbolt mechanism of your standard lock, with the battery – a CR2 (also referred to as a half-AA) that powers the device ingeniously hidden within the deadbolt itself. As the whole device is internal to the door, your current lock mechanism and inner door latch can still be used, so all that is replaced is the deadbolt, and presumably the strike plate.

With the Level Lock, you still get the same access to many of the benefits of a regular smart lock, like remote access, control via Siri and your iPhone, as well as guest access, activity history, auto-lock & unlock, and even audio confirmations via a chime from the lock.

Due to the design and nature of the Level Lock, it can only work with standard deadbolt locks, so mortice locks are out of the equation currently. Level works with most standard deadbolts with an exterior profile greater than 3/4” (19mm). Deadbolts with a lower profile may require an adapter from your manufacturer or assistance from a professional.

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