Terncy Set to Release Their Smart Dial Rotary Switch

Terncy, or Xiaoyan (pronounced shao-yen) as they’re known in China, are set to add a couple of new products to their already broadening lineup. One of these devices is the new Smart Dial, which is essentially a smart button or switch, but as the name implies, the button has a rotary dial. It also acts as a regular pressable button, and as far as we’re aware, will have single, double and long press functionality, which are the standard supported actions in the HomeKit framework as it stands.

Although the Smart Dial will work with Apple HomeKit, it does have to go through the company’s own Home Center Hub, which connects to your network via an ethernet connection. The hub itself connects to its ‘child devices’ via Zigbee, in much the same way as the Hue and Aqara hubs work.

Whilst it does boast the ability to control devices via its rotary dial, this functionality is currently limited to being programmed within Terncy’s own HomeKit app, although as previously mentioned, it also acts as a regular push-button too, which can be programmed via the Apple Home app or any 3rd party HomeKit app. If you also own the Xiaoyan/Terncy Smart Curtain Motor, then you’ll be able to control the opening and closing of the curtains with the rotary dial. The accompanying manual also states that with the Smart Dial, you will be able to dim lights, as well as turn them on or off and even control the volume of your amplifier. We’ve yet to find out how dimming of lights, or controlling volume will work, but it could be something that works with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, but not HomeKit.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but Xiaoyan have said they’re close to being ready to sell this very soon. In the meantime, you can check out our overview video to get an idea of their other HomeKit compatible products below;

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