Keymitt – New Smart Lock Startup With HomeKit

Keymitt is a brand new startup, based in Luxembourg, who plans to introduce a new smart lock that, like a couple of other brands on the market (Sesame for example), allows the user to place the device over their current lock, without having to remove any part of the original mechanism or door itself. The Keymitt smart lock simply fits over the top of the latch that turns the lock itself, and via a motor, turns the latch to lock or unlock the door.

Currently, the lock seems to be compatible with both Euro locks and US Deadbolts, as well as the door lock type mechanisms found in Japan. The basic features of the lock include;

  • Monitoring of door lock activity
  • The ability to remotely grant access to guests
  • Get unauthorized lock activity notifications
  • Get real-time battery and lock status updates
  • Includes Airbnb calendar integration
  • Is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri

As this company is in ‘Startup’ mode, the product is not actually available yet, although the company have announced that they’ll soon be taking pre-orders via their website.

Onto the inevitable question of HomeKit compatibility, and the only clear indication of an answer in the affirmative is first via the last bullet point above, where it mentions Siri, although this could just be via Siri Shortcuts, and not actually via HomeKit at all. The second pointer is via a question posed to the company via their twitter feed, with a user asking if their product was compatible with Apple HomeKit, to which they replied;

“Hi, Yes! Our Keymitt smart lock is compatibile [sic] with HomeKit”

As many people are already aware, saying something and then following through on that are two different things, so we will have to wait and see if compatibility will come to pass, but if it does, this will be yet another option for HomeKit users who either don’t have a deadbolt door lock, or perhaps live in rented accommodation and would prefer not to remove the currently installed lock.

More information can be found via the company’s website –

Thanks to Dale Wright for the heads up.

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