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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll no doubt by now be aware that WWDC is well underway, and while it’s designed to cover everything in the next iteration of iOS, WatchOS, MacOS tvOS and now iPadOS, we’re really most interested in what is happening with regards to HomeKit in iOS13 of course. I personally managed to stay up to catch the Keynote address, despite it commencing at 1am, but I’m also aware that pretty much every other website has all of the information gleaned from the address covered, so I’m not going to pore over the minutiae, but instead try and list all of the new features that relate to HomeKit – and now of course – Siri Shortcuts, which I’ve always felt would eventually become more integrated into HomeKit at some point.

HomeKit Secure Video

Footage from home security cameras contains our most personal and sensitive data. So we designed an end‑to‑end encrypted system where your video is stored securely to iCloud, where only you and the people you invite into your Home app can view it. It’s free with an iCloud account and doesn’t count against your storage plan.

HomeKit-enabled routers
Enabled routers bring an extra layer of security to your smart home. Use the Home app to control which services your HomeKit accessories can communicate within your network and on the internet.

AirPlay 2 speakers in scenes and automations
Access songs, playlists, and radio stations with Apple Music.

Refreshed Home app accessory controls
There are more robust accessory controls in the Home app.

Siri shortcuts
Siri shortcuts can now be added to automations. With this new development, even non-HomeKit smart devices will be able to be included in your automations, whereas before, you could only control them manually via the Shortcuts app or by voice control.

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