Robin Telecom Working on Support for iOS13 HomeKit Secure Video

Robin Telecom, the first company to release a HomeKit compatible Video Doorbell – The ProLine Doorbell – has sent out a statement today informing their users that they will be developing support for this functionality, via an update to the doorbell, presumably via a firmware update.

If you’re not aware of this new option in the forthcoming iOS 13 update, basically, Apple have designed an end‑to‑end encrypted system where your video is stored securely to iCloud, where only you and the people you invite into your Home app can view it. It’s free with an iCloud account and doesn’t count against your storage plan. The 200GB plan is needed for this feature.

Currently only Netatmo, Eufy and Logitech have been announced as partnering with this new storage option, but as with Robin Telecom’s new announcement, there will be many more to follow.

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