Terncy Reveal New Bluetooth + Zigbee Smart Switches

Terncy/Xiaoyan has just unveiled its latest smart switches to work with Apple HomeKit. The Kujag range of switches are ostensibly designed for China due to their square shape, but can probably be used (with some adaptation) in the EU and the UK. These follow on from the company’s first wired switch offering, the Xiaoyan Wall Switch, which we reviewed a while ago. The difference with the new Kujag range is that they support both Bluetooth and Zigbee 3.0, which requires the company’s own hub, the Xiaoyan Home Center – but only for using Zigbee. If you don’t have the company’s gateway, these can be controlled locally with a direct Bluetooth connection and are still exposed to HomeKit, although you do get access to more functions via the gateway.

The new Kujag range is available in both black and white options, both with single and double physical buttons. The buttons themselves have small LEDs to indicate their status, and interestingly, the switches have a special function that allows for the buttons to be remapped to control the opposite light to the one their wired to. So in effect, if you’re using the two-button version, it doesn’t matter which of the switches is wired to which light, as they can be reassigned after the fact.

The switches are made from tempered glass, with the frame made using flame-retardant NCVM coating. The switches are designed to withstand 100,000 presses, or 30 years, based on typical usage.

The company states that, with their gateway, the Kujag range will also work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Currently, these switches are only listed on TMall, one of China’s largest online retailers, but hopefully these will make their way to other international resellers soon.

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