Tuo Launches Matter/Thread Temperature and Air Quality Sensor

New York startup Tuo is releasing their third Matter over Thread product soon, which comes on the tail-end of their Smart button, and the more recently released Contact sensor. This, although not a total surprise (its existence was revealed via an FCC filing) wasn’t part of the company’s initial lineup, which included a smart lock alongside the other two aforementioned devices.

Listed as the TUO Temperature Sensor, it does offer a little more, so aside from the now obligatory humidity sensor, it can also detect VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds), much like the offerings from Eve (Eve Room), and Aqara (Aqara TVOC Sensor). At US$49.99 it’s certainly cheaper than the Eve version, although it doesn’t come with a display.

It does come with a versatile stand of sorts, that allows it to be used on desktops etc, but it can also be wall-mounted. As it uses a CR2032 coin battery, you can have it set up without any dangling wires too.

As it uses Matter over Thread you will need a Thread Border Router and a Matter Controller, but for many HomeKit users, this will be a given with all Apple Home Hubs being Matter Controllers already, and some being Thread Border Routers too. According to Tuo website, shipping is due to begin in the next 1-2 weeks.

In other news, Tuo has also just launched a limited ‘Special Edition’ version of its popular Smart Button in black, complete with a glow-in-the-dark set of stickers. You can check out our review of the Smart button below.

Tuo Smart Button W/ Matter over Thread (review)

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