Cygett Expand Smart Home Lineup With Sensors and Lock

Cygnett, a major player in electronic accessories in Australia, is preparing to expand on their lineup of Smart Home products, coming quickly off the back of the announcement of their HomeKit compatible smart bulbs we reported on back in May.

We previously mentioned that the company were planning a variety of sensors, and have now discovered, as originally reported by, that this is just part of a larger drive to offer a broad range of Smart devices to consumers in Australia and New Zealand, a region that still is sorely lacking in choice, compared to the US and Europe. The company will be offering a ‘Starter Kit’ with the basic sensors and a smart button. All of these devices will work with the ‘big three’ systems (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit), as well as being certified to work with IFTTT.

It also seems they’re planning on introducing a new deadbolt smart lock. Although details are sparse at this point, the lock would have a keypad that can store up to 30 codes, as well as a standard key lock, but will work with the three voice assistants and provide a 6-month battery life.

More information will be added to this article as we find it.

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