5 thoughts on “The Insignia Garage Door Controller

  • Bought it back in January at Best Buy. Doesn’t wanna stay connected very well sometimes. Not sure if Wifi issue? Or issue between the unit and its door sensor? But it’s not a consistent connection. Apple TV is my Homekit HUB and should never go to sleep, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, even only less than 6 feet from Wifi access point. Gonna get a Chamberlain and just Homebridge the thing and see how it goes.

  • I bought this when if first came out and it was inconsistent at best and a complete failure at worst. Always getting the dreaded no response. When the label on the box says strong WiFi needed they weren’t kidding, unless you have all bars on the signal meter don’t attempt to use this product.

    Insignia did push out a firmware update this past spring but that only slightly improved the product. I switched to the MyQ system and have had much better results.

    • Agreed. And it didn’t matter if my Wifi was only 5 feet away… The Insignia was just flakey on my network. 5 months of having to deal with it every single week and I just gave up on it. And yeah, MyQ’s an expensive setup, but maybe it’s worth the cost if it can maintain a stable Homekit connection? No other device has an issue on my WiFi. Just this one. Probably buggy firmware/Homekit implementation more than bad Wifi connection and I don’t expect Insignia to do much to fix the issues. I wish Chamberlain would do a software update to the MyQ box for Homekit compatibility without the bridge.

    • I did email Insignia about a month or two ago. Told em my firmware version and all they added was that it needed strong WiFi signal and Apple TV needs to stay awake…I turned off sleep on it? No difference. All my other WiFi devices in garage? Never had issues. It’s not a WiFi issue. It’s a “their hardware or firmware is buggy” and I don’t have anymore patience. Now I have a Chamberlain MyQ box with the Liftmaster2 Homebridge plugin on my Raspberry Pi? It already works far far better and is staying connected.

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