Sony Launches First HomeKit TVs in India

Today, Sony released a new range of high-end TVs in India, to cope with expanding demand for smart home and connected devices. The brand new Master Series A9G and A8G 4K TVs, under the well known Bravia line, includes a whole raft of top tier features. These TVs come with what is called Netflix Calibrated Mode, which is designed to present the images and sounds of films and TV series, in a way that was originally intended by the content makers, which takes into account 4K resolution, HDR and Dolby Vision.

Whilst the prices for these TVs are quite high for many Indian consumers, with the burgeoning interest in Smart Homes gripping most countries now, Sony can easily justify the price with the connectivity and powerful tools these TVs bring with them, like the Sony Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, support for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as AirPlay 2, and more importantly perhaps, HomeKit. The Google and Alexa voice assistants are enabled within these TV sets, except for Siri of course.

There are a total of four models;

  • 65″ A9G at Rs 3,69,990
  • 55″ A9G at Rs 2,69,990
  • 65″ A8G at Rs 3,19,990
  • 55″ A8G at Rs 2,19,990

The AG8 models are already available to purchase, whilst the AG9 models will be available from August 1st.

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