Tantiv4 Makes Integrating HomeKit Easier for OEMs

Tantiv4 is bringing new capabilities to system-on-chips (SoCs) for smart home by facilitating support for Apple HomeKit™ on connected devices using these SoC solutions. These SoCs provide a range of connectivity options going from single and dual-band Wi-Fi, and which support Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® 5.0 and 802.15.4.

OEM’s can now easily support their products with HomeKit™ compatibility across their product portfolios in the marketplace. With HomeKit™, consumers will be able to ask Siri® on their iPhone, iPad, HomePod or Apple Watch or use the Apple Home app to manage these devices. Tantiv4 is among a handful of vendors who are qualified to use a new HomeKit integration method using ADK which makes the product cycles much faster and allows security patches to be easily applied without a need for recertification on part of the OEM.

“By providing an easy framework to integrate HomeKit™, Tantiv4 customers will experience faster development time as well as be assured of getting an Apple certified implementation,” said Lokesh Johri, co-founder and CEO of Tantiv4 Inc. “Integration of this widely industry-adopted specification allows manufacturers and developers to support applications in a variety of industrial and consumer sectors such as home control, automation, property management and smart cities.”

Enabling HomeKit™ on SOCs targeted for smart home ensures that IoT devices like lightbulbs, washing machines, thermostats, mini-switches can easily be controlled by the IOS Home App.

“Tantiv4’s turnkey SDK platform is available now and provides device makers with a relatively simple method for prototyping and testing with HomeKit™ before finalizing their product designs,” said Kishore Moturi, co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing at Tantiv4 Inc “This will vastly improve and bring efficiency to the development process while reducing the overall costs and development time.”

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