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Yeelight Upload Instructional Videos For Adding Lights to HomeKit

Although some people have been updating and adding their Yeelight bulbs and light strips to HomeKit for the past few weeks now (ourselves included), Yeelight finally made it official last week with a post letting people know that it can be done. however, not everyone was sure how to do it, with some people rightly asking why there’s no HomeKit code (hint, you don’t need one). So today, Yeelight has released two short videos, outlining how you add your bulbs and strips to HomeKit – from either the Yeelight app (which was recently updated with HomeKit support) or via the Mi Home app.

As we’ve clarified previously, this doesn’t cover all Yeelight products, only the 2nd gen Yeelight Colour Bulbs, the 2nd gen Tunable White Bulbs, the Yeelight Light Strip Plus, and the Mi Smart Colour Bulb – made by Yeelight, but with the Mi branding. All of the above devices can be added to HomeKit once they’ve had the firmware update, and all of these devices can be added to either the Mi Home app or the Yeelight app, which they’ll need to be in order for them to be added to HomeKit.

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2 thoughts on “Yeelight Upload Instructional Videos For Adding Lights to HomeKit

  • What difference between Xiaomi Yeelight LED Light Strip and Light Strip Plus?
    Does Xiaomi Yeelight LED Light Strips compatible with HomeKit?
    Thanks in advance!

    • The Yeelight Light Strip is not extendable, and is also not compatible with HomeKit. The Yeelight Light Strip Plus, can be extended by up to 10m and is HomeKit compatible.

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