New Eve Water Guard Surfaces at IFA 2019

Reporting on new devices before anyone else, as we did here, does come at the risk of not getting all the info on a product, but now that this has been officially announced by Eve, we’ve updated the article to reflect those new details.

A couple of rather interesting images have been discovered today (by Daniel Feodoroff) that show a new, and so far unlisted device from HomeKit smart device manufacturer Eve. We can only call it a ‘device’ as we have no concrete info on what it actually is at present, although The device is known to be called the Eve Waterguard, and is essentially designed to detect water leaks the moment they occur.

The plug part of the device has an opening much like a smoke alarm, which is for the siren, with a warning light at the rear that faces the wall. The entire length of the cable is designed to detect water leaks, not just a small area like a typical water sensor would, with the main section being both the supplier of power, siren and light. Of course, a device like this is already supported in HomeKit although speaker/siren control has yet to be fully realised directly within HomeKit, although Aqara manages siren control within their own app, with HomeKit being the method by which to activate and deactivate the alarm/siren.

What would make a product like this more appealing over a combo of the Aqara water leak sensor and hub, is that firstly, it an all-in-one device. Secondly, there are instances where a water leak device is triggered but for some reason, you don’t get or notice the notification on your phone. With a device like this, the siren will ensure you’re notified or at least act as a backup to any notifications.

The new device uses Bluetooth, as per many of Eve’s products, but will also no doubt be compatible with their Eve Extend, which, if you have an external laundry room, will be of extra use.

Also making a return appearance is the EU version of the popular Eve light switch, that was debuted at last year’s IFA, but somehow never surfaced.

Thanks to Daniel Feodoroff and the HomeKit Talk Slack group for contributing to this article.

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