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Logitech Circle2 Beta Software and Homekit Secure Video

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After announcing their intention to support the Apple HomeKit secure video framework earlier this year, Logitech is the first company to release firmware that supports this new iOS feature in the wild.

Before you run out and install the firmware to jump straight into the new features, you might want to take some time and think about whether or not this is really something you want to do.

This software is clearly listed as BETA and it’s important to understand what that means. BETA is about the clearest BUYER BEWARE sign that a company can possibly give us.

For those of you looking for a recommendation? Don’t do it unless you’re very very sure you’re willing to deal with an unreliable camera for the foreseeable future.

We have no firm date on when the final official release version is going to be available. I’m personally unclear how this final code version is even going to be loaded on the device since the LogiCircle2 camera is no longer in the Logitech application. ( Manufacturers apps have always been responsible for firmware updates within the HomeKit framework. )

If you’re one of the people who enjoy living on the bleeding edge and you’re willing to live with the instability, dive in! But if you’re looking for a stable smart home platform, you’ll probably want to pass on this for a few months while the bugs shake out.

4 thoughts on “Logitech Circle2 Beta Software and Homekit Secure Video

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  • 17th November 2019 at 2:08 pm

    „Manufacturers apps have always been responsible for firmware updates within the HomeKit framework”. Not true. If accessories don’t have dedicated manufacturers app, Apple requires accessories to update the firmware directly from the server. There are good special not hard procedures. 😉

    • 17th November 2019 at 2:36 pm

      Thanks Jaromir
      Make sure to point this out to Chris in the comments section of his YouTube video too, as the text here is just taken directly from here.

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