Reagle Gateway Bridge Now Available

Taiwan-based Reagle, makers of the popular Reagle Smart Lock, have released their companion gateway that provides extra functionality to their HomeKit enabled deadbolt lock. The new gateway brings wifi connectivity to the lock, which like almost every other HomeKit smart lock, is Bluetooth based. It does this by communicating between the lock, via Bluetooth, and relaying instructions to your HomeKit hub via Wifi.

Whilst the basic functions of all Bluetooth locks are controllable through the Home app via a suitable Home Hub (Apple TV, iPad or HomePod), not everyone may have one of these, or may not be a HomeKit user, and solely rely on the Reagle app, in which case this could be a useful addition to the lock.

The Gateway does, however, offer additional functionality that you can only either get via the Reagle app and even then only if you’re within range of the lock itself, so the gateway allows a lot of functionality via remote access that you wouldn’t get otherwise, including;

  • Remotely unlock/lock your Reagle Smart Deadbolt or change its configuration through your smartphone, anytime and from anywhere
  • Add or remove customizable access Codes for your guests remotely, so no need to be near your lock for syncing
  • Check the status of your smart door lock and its batteries in real-time. Get notified when guests or family members enter and leave your home
  • View detailed access logs of all lock activities and stay in control 24/7

Reagle is currently selling the new Gateway on for $59.99, although if you apply the following code, you can get 30% off the regular price – N6Q6P2YG. The discount code expires on December 31st.

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