EufyCam 2 Will Add HomeKit Support in December

Whilst the release of the new EufyCam 2 is now virtually upon us, it doesn’t actually work with HomeKit just yet. However, the company said they were committed to bringing HomeKit support soon. Now the company has announced that they will be updating the EufyCam 2 to be compliant with HomeKit in December, although for those that can’t wait, the company are offering the chance to beta test the new update.

Given the close proximity to December as of typing, it’s likely that the update will arrive around mid to latter part of the Christmas month.

The new system, which as a ‘kit’ will include two cameras, as well as a base unit, is now available at Best Buy and Amazon. The company claim that the cameras will feature a staggering 365-day battery life, with standard 1080p HD video playback, night vision and local storage for your video recordings, which means no monthly fees via the company’s cloud service, unless you want it.

The company also state that these cameras will be compatible with Apple’s own HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) offering, although whether the forthcoming update for HomeKit will also bring HSV, we’re not sure. So far as regards this additional service, many companies have either failed to confirm or have emphatically stated that they have no plans to update their products to include this service, so Eufy will be joining Logitech, who were the first company to release an update, albeit in the form of a beta.

Some basic specs:

  • 365-day Battery Life: Camera runs for 365 days per charge
  • IP67-rated weatherproof for Indoor / Outdoor
  • Full HD Surveillance: 1080p Full HD with Night Vision, Two-Way Audio
  • Facial Recognition Technology: sending only alerts triggered by unrecognized human faces
  • Reduces false alarms by up to 95%
  • Military-Grade Security & Anti-Theft Alarm

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