Mi Smart Plug: EU version – First Look

Our good friend Sebastian has just received the Mi Smart Plug for the EU and has kindly provided us with a few images of this new device, which, as we reported earlier, seems to have surfaced in Slovakia even before it was officially listed in the Mi Home app. This Zigbee smart plug has started to appear at around the same time as the long-awaited EU version of the Aqara plug, which itself seems to be confined to Russian stores at present, although it should start to show up in official Mi Stores throughout Europe eventually.

One thing to note: Sebastian doesn’t currently have an EU Aqara hub in order to test for HomeKit compatibility, so there’s no guarantee that the Mi plug is actually exposed to HomeKit at such, but considering if it’s already compatible with the Current EU Mi hub, then it’s almost guaranteed to work with the Aqara hub, and by extension, would be exposed to HomeKit, given that the smart plugs for other regions (US, Taiwan, China) are all HomeKit compatible.

UPDATE: We’ve had confirmation from one user who confirms the Mi EU plug is indeed exposed to HomeKit.

The basic specs for the plug are:

  • connection type – ZigBee
  • Electrical rating – 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 10A, Max 2300W
  • dimensions – 60 x 60 x 58.5mm
  • Overload and overheat protection
  • Energy monitoring

Thanks to Sebastian B for the images.

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16 thoughts on “Mi Smart Plug: EU version – First Look

  • Would it work with chinese version of Homekit Aqara Hub?

    • Not sure, but it can’t be added to the Chinese Server.

  • Well, I have an chinese hub working on european servers. I hope that would get along!

    • Hopefully it should then in that case. I’ve added Taiwan Mi plugs to a Chinese hub on a Chinese server and they worked, but I’m unable to access the settings (the usual ‘error 7’ scenario).

  • Have the Aqara EU hub. My key question is if it extends the Zigbee Mesh. Right now the hub can’t connect to some of my sensors, so this would make it very attractive.

    A second question is if it is easy to access historical data for the power consumption (as a graph and/or export raw data).

  • Hi
    Where can I buy this socket ?

    • It seems to only be available in Slovakia and Hungary at present, but it should be in more stores and countries soon hopefully.

  • It also present in Romania.

    • Thanks Alex!

  • Hi,
    Someone has a link to order it with delivering in other UE countries?
    Thanks !

  • Is it compatible with Google Home (Assistant)?
    I saw this nice plug on AliExpress (at a crazy price) and it says that is Alexa and Google Assistant voice controllable.
    It is a bit odd because the plug is ZigBee and not WiFi, but since some months some Aqara sensors are compatible with Alexa, so it could be.
    Is it or not?

    • Hi, I just checked with a colleague and it is exposed to Google Assistant via the Aqara EU hub in Mi Home, with the server set to any EU country.

      • Really nice, thank you so much!
        I think that you couldn’t try on a Mi Gateway (Eu or Chinese), is it? It would be great if you could confirm that it works also on the Mijia Gateway 😱

        • The EU Mi plug will only work with the EU mijia or Aqara Gateways, and only set to an EU server. It won’t work with the new No Smart Gateway, as that is only designed to work with the China server, which doesn’t support the EU plug.

          • Thank you so much!!

          • Nessun problema

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