Cygnett Smart Control Button

Using your smartphone, tablet or voice isn’t always practical to control your connected lights and appliances. Sleeping partner anyone? For those times, use our Smart Control Button – control at the click of a button. You can program the button to remember 3 scenes or action like, turn-on a lamp, turn-on a lamp to 40% brightness or turn-on the heating in your home.

Control your home with the click of a button, two clicks or a long press. Easily program the Smart Control Button to perform 3x customisable scenes or actions. For example:

  • Click the button once – your bedroom lights turn-on
  • Click the button twice – your bedroom lights turn-off
  • Long press the button – your heating/cooling system turns on

And of course, you can change any of the scenes or actions to perform another task or work in unison with other smart products.

A smart control button is super convenient, give anyone in your home access to connected appliances. Have guests feel at home by giving them control of the lighting and heating. Hopped into bed and left the kitchen light on? Keep a Smart Control Button by your bedside that turns-off every smart light in your home.

Our Smart Control Button is small, discrete and blends in with any home décor. Place buttons around your home to perform different programable functions like, “evening chill” which lowers your smart bulbs to a calming yellow light at 40% brightness and turns-on your oil diffuser. There are thousands of possibilities.

  • Program 3x customisable actions per button
  • Place multiple buttons around the home
  • 40m range
  • Mounts to any surface
  • Requires Cygnett Smart Hub & IR Remote

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