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Ecobee SmartCamera

Live in the moment and connect with the ones that matter from anywhere. The camera notifies you about important events so you don’t miss a thing, while always respecting your privacy. Set SmartCamera to shut down automatically when you’re home to avoid needless notifications. The clear 1080p HD wide-angle lens lets you monitor the playroom or your child’s bedroom from the living room. You can use the camera to play white noise and other calming sounds.

  • Shuts down when family members are around.
  • Video is processed onboard.
  • Video encryption.
  • Two-factor authentication.

Chat with your pet from work or check in on the kids’ playroom. You’ll come through loud and clear thanks to SmartCamera’s built-in far-field speakers. SmartCamera spots the difference between the motion of a person and a thing, like a passing car or your pet, resulting in fewer interruptions and more reliable notifications. Set your camera to focus on important areas, like the front door. It only captures what you want and won’t send you unnecessary notifications. Whether you’re monitoring the kids’ room or checking in after receiving a motion alert, SmartCamera follows the action, keeping them front and centre. Subscribe to ecobee Haven and SmartCamera will record a clip to the app’s timeline when it detects motion. SmartCamera’s infrared LEDs deliver clear, bright video in even pitch black and low-light conditions.


  • Camera Height: 107 mm (4.2 in.)
  • Width: 57.5 mm (2.26 in.)
  • Depth: 44 mm (1.7 in.)

Camera on stand

  • Height: 138 mm (5.4 in.)
  • Width: 57.5 mm (2.26 in.)
  • Depth: 44 mm (1.7 in.)

Camera on wall mount

  • Height: 107 mm (4.2 in.)
  • Width: 57.5 mm (2.26 in.)
  • Depth: 75.3 mm (2.96 in.)
  • Camera weight: 0.18 kg (0.4 lb.)
  • Camera on stand/wall mount: 0.28 kg (0.62 lb.)

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