EiMSIG Introduce Window and Glass Break Sensor

Family-run German Smart Home company EimSIG, have had HomeKit compatible devices for a short while now, with the company offering a small, but expensive, range of devices that all work with their own systems as well as HomeKit. These are also compatible with other complete smart home systems like KNX, Enocean and Somfy for example.

However, now the company has introduced a version of one of their products that will work as directly with HomeKit, without the need to buy into their own system as well. The new product in question is a Window & Glass break sensor, which uses Bluetooth to connect directly to HomeKit, via any Home Hub (Apple TV, HomePod etc).

As reported by our friends over at, the new sensor is a lot more than just a contact sensor, although, for the price tag of €149.00, you’d expect it to be a lot more. For example, it can tell the difference between a tilted, closed, or open, as well as detect when the glass in the window has been smashed, and even if there’s an attempt to pry the window open. Because the sensor can differentiate from an open or tilted window, this allows you to set their alarm system, even with the window ajar, as opposed to open, so on Summer nights, when you want a little breeze to flow, but still want your alarm to be active, which is a great option. The design of the sensor allows it to also be concealed within the window frame, depending on the type of window frames you have of course. It would appear from Yannic’s post at, that this product was originally destined to be part of the Eve range of Bluetooth security products, however, it didn’t come to pass for some reason.

The company’s own system, which includes a professional, wall mounted alarm, can also work with other HomeKit products, like lighting, garage doors, smart sockets, thermostats and more, as long as you can afford the relatively high prices they charge.

For more information, visit the company’s website.

credit to Yannic from for the find.

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