Aqara Update HomeKit Compatibility List Including M1S Hub and More

Aqara today updated a post to their community forum website, that outlined what devices work with which platforms, in an effort to make things clearer, not only for newcomers to the Aqara ecosystem but also people already using Aqara products, who may want to get them into more than just the HomeKit platform, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant/Nest. As we only focus on HomeKit compatible products, here are the Aqara devices currently supported by HomeKit:

  • Aqara Hub
  • Wireless Mini Switch, Wireless Remote Switch
  • Sensors – Door and Window | Motion | Temperature & Humidity | Vibration | Water Leak
  • LED Bulb
  • Smart Plug US
  • Curtain Controller
  • Light Detection Sensor
  • Wall Switch / Wall Switch T1
  • Wireless Relay Controller (2 Channels)
  • Roller Shade Controller TA
  • Wall Switch (CN, 4 versions)
  • Wall Switch D1 1-2 buttons (CN, 4 versions)
  • Smart Plug T1 (EU)
  • Wall Switch (US, 4 versions)
  • Smart Door Lock HL

To be supported later:

  • M2 Hub / M1S Hub
  • Camera Hub  G2H
  • Wall Switch D1 3 buttons (CN)
  • Single Switch Module T1 (2 versions)
  • Wall Switch (EU, 4 versions)

As can be seen from the list above, the mention of the M1S hub and the EU Wall switches are of interest, as Aqara hasn’t previously spoken about these products, despite one of them (M1S Hub) being visible in the Aqara Home app. As for the EU switches, we previously hinted that Aqara may be working on such products, but haven’t had any firm confirmation, until today. Aqara have told us that the four versions of the EU Aqara Switches will be the same as with the recently released US Wall switches, so one and two rocker versions, coming in neutral and no-neutral versions.

M1S Hub
Little is currently officially known about the M1S at present, other than the fact that it looks identical (in the app at least) to the current Aqara hub. What it may well improve on, compared to the hub that’s available now, is Zigbee 3.0 functionality. Whilst the Aqara Hub can work with Zigbee 3.0 devices, it can’t take advantage of the improvements that Zigbee 3.0 brings over the previous iteration. It may well support other functions that the current hub doesn’t feature, but we can’t say for certain at this time.

EU Wall Switches
Whilst the Chinese Aqara wall switches are the correct size (86 x 86mm) to work with EU homes, the recesses are slightly different, with EU switches requiring the rear section to be more rounded, which the Chinese models don’t quite conform to. The Chinese switches wouldn’t probably have the required safety certification, so a dedicated set of EU switches would be most welcome.

Wall Switch D1 3-button
The recently released and updated Aqara wall switches, suitable for China, come in one, two and three rocker variants, but as some have already found, the three rocker version doesn’t get exposed to HomeKit, so according to the post, HomeKit support for this switch is due at some point.

The G2H HomeKit camera is already mentioned, but as we’ve known about this camera for a while now, there’s not a lot more to say on it, until it’s released. This is also the case with the Aqara M2 Hub, which we’ve documented extensively in previous posts. Also mentioned is the Aqara light sensor check out our rec, which we posted about a while ago, when it briefly appeared in the list of devices available in the Mi Home app, before vanishing soon after. Chances are high that this will be almost identical to the currently available Mi Light Sensor, which uses Zigbee 3.0 and can currently work with the Aqara hub, albeit unofficially.

Mi Light Sensor (review)

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9 thoughts on “Aqara Update HomeKit Compatibility List Including M1S Hub and More

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  • Do you know if the motion sensor now they expose the light detection sensor they have? They only expose these in the Aqara app and not to Homekit

    • The current motion sensor does not expose the light sensor to HomeKit, but as they are releasing a separate light sensor soon, I’m not sure they will expose the light sensor built into the motion sensor to HomeKit.

  • Question, can I buy the door sensor from Asia and use it with Aqara US version?

    • Yes, you can most certainly do that. All the basic sensors are region free.

  • Hello, This information surely makes things within the Aqara ecosystem a bit clearer.
    However I still find it very strange that the Aqara App does not recognise the Aqara N100 doorlock (which is Homekit compatible by the way). No matter what server you are logged into.
    Any comments/advice on this?

    Just to be clear, I do love my Aqara N100 doorlock which does work with the Mi Home App.

    • Hi, I don’t know why the N100 doesn’t work with the Aqara Home app, but this is also the case with the Aqara G2 camera, although I’m told a future update will allow the G2 to be added to the Aqara Home app. So, it may be that the N100 will also be added to Aqara Home down the line. Aqara didn’t mention the Mi versions of the sensors and buttons, but these are also compatible with the Aqara Hub and the Aqara Home app.

      • I don’t know about the G2 but the N100 has only bluetooth inside. Maybe that could be a reason. However, I use my Cleargrass BLE Wifi Gateway Hub to communicate with the N100 via Wifi and it works perfect. So anyway, we’ll see how things progress in the future for the Aqara Home app compatibility…

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