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Somfy Outdoor Camera

The outdoor camera with a built-in siren
Somfy Outdoor Camera is the most deterrent outdoor camera on the market, with a 110 dB built-in siren and the option to link it to an outdoor lighting system.

Deterrent security
The Somfy Outdoor Camera has been specially designed to act as the first line of security for your home.

A security system designed for your daily life
Thanks to its advanced detection technology and configuration options, the Somfy Outdoor Camera can deal with all kinds of situations.

Human detection
Expecting a parcel? Make sure everything goes smoothly!

  • When the delivery person arrives, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone.
  • From your app, you can speak to them directly and give instructions.
  • They can drop off the parcel or take it away, depending on what you agreed.

No false alarms
In addition to its advanced detection technology, combining image analysis and heat detection, the system lets you easily select inactive zones that won’t trigger motion detection (like the neighbour’s garden here).

Simple to manage
Thanks to the Smart Activation, your Somfy Outdoor Camera deactivates automatically upon your arrival. When you leave the house, you receive a notification reminding you to activate the camera detection system. Your home security is fully optimised every day.

Smart Activation
No need to worry. Your Somfy Outdoor Camera manages all your comings and goings.

Everything you expect from a security camera
The Somfy Outdoor Camera is weather resistant, tamper proof, and offers exceptional image quality.

Speak and listen
From your smartphone, the system enables you to speak to people and listen to what’s happening outside/

Control and manage your external lighting
For an even greater deterrence effect and increased peace of mind, you can link your camera to an existing lighting system.
At night, lighting deters intruders and helps illuminate the path to your doorstep.

Secure Cloud storage for your videos
Data security is a major stake in today’s world, which is why the video storage and data streams used with the system are protected and encrypted.

Available in two colours
White or grey, simply choose the colour that best matches your home exterior.

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