Aqara Release Water Leak Sensor, Launch EU Server and More…

As many will be aware by now, Aqara is one of those companies that doesn’t rest on its laurels, with a steady stream of products over the last 12 months, with over twenty new or updated devices coming in China out alone last month. Now it would appear that one device many in the US have been waiting to buy from Amazon is due to become available – the Aqara Water Leak Sensor.

Like nearly all other Aqara device, the Water Leak Sensor uses Zigbee, which means you’ll need the Aqara hub of course, but with that, you’ll get fast and efficient communication, along with long-lasting battery life. The sensor can detect flooding, while also monitoring the status of any water leaks. When the water level of the detection site is higher than 0.5mm, the sensor will trigger an alarm within the Aqara Hub, and send a push notification to your mobile phone, to remind you to take appropriate action. The sensor will reset itself once the water level becomes normal.

The Aqara Water Leak Sensor can also work with other smart accessories to automate your home, including, of course, HomeKit enabled devices, as this is yet another Aqara product exposed to HomeKit via the Aqara hub. The Aqara Water Leak Sensor meets IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating. It’s also small enough to fit almost anywhere due to its small size (50mm/1.97in diameter by 15mm/0.6in high). The Aqara Water Leak Sensor uses a CR2032 battery and should last up to 2 years under normal circumstances.

To celebrate this, Aqara are offering a limited time 25% discount for customers on using the following code – AQARAOMA

Aqara EU Server/EU smart Plug
Today, Aqara finally launches the European servers within the Aqara Home app for both iOS and Android users, which will become available in the Google Play Store right after the EU server launch. The situation with Aqara Home in Europe used to be quite complicated since Aqara’s products were launched in European countries due to stricter GDPR regulations, meaning the company had to update its cloud infrastructure to match these regulations. As a result, EU Aqara users were forced to the Mi Home app, which already had a dedicated EU server, or alternatively, switching Aqara Home app to HomeKit mode (iOS users only).

So, starting from today, European users of Aqara are able to unleash the full functionality of Aqara devices by connecting them to Aqara Home app! Among the advantages of Aqara Home app and its European server are;
  • More settings for your Aqara devices (for example, adjustable condition duration for Door and Window Sensor etc.)
  • Support for Voice Assistants or third-party integrations (such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Sonos)
  • Support for some devices that are not available in other systems (Aqara T1 Smart Plug for example)
  • Faster and more stable connection compared to other regions
Along with the launch of EU servers, the long-awaited T1 EU Smart Plug is also launched. As with many forthcoming and recent Aqara products, the EU Smart Plug uses Zigbee 3.0 compatible hardware, which makes it more advanced in terms of compatibility and connectivity. The plug features a maximum power of 2300W which will make it compatible with the vast majority of home appliances, including many powerful heaters. In terms of stability, the T1 Smart Plug is equipped with overheat and overload protection, coupled with multiple safeguards to ensure maximum safety. One of the more interesting features of the plug is the detailed power consumption reports which can help to monitor the power consumption as save on electricity bills.
The EU Smart plug is available to order from, amongst other places, for just under €30.00

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8 thoughts on “Aqara Release Water Leak Sensor, Launch EU Server and More…

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  • Very good news … at last !
    I hope we will see the sensor and moreover the Aqara M2 hub for sale soon.

  • Sabe me dizer se continuamos a ter obrigatoriamente que atribuir um servidor europeu com o Aqara Hub versão europeia com plugue da europa ?

    Outra coisa que eu gostaria de saber é se o T1 EU Smart Plug comprado da europa funcionará em um Aqara Hub chinês ?

    Desculpa usar o português do Brasil. Eu li em outras postagens que vocês aceitam perguntas em outro idioma

    • Oi. Se você usar o aplicativo inicial do Aqara, poderá usar qualquer região para qualquer hub do Aqara, mas é melhor usar a região correta para o hub que você possui, se possível. A maioria dos dispositivos Aqara pode ser usada com qualquer hub Aqara (CN, UE, EUA), mas com alguns dos novos dispositivos T1 isso pode não ser possível, por isso não posso afirmar com certeza que você pode usar o plugue Aqara EU na China servidor, mas tentarei encontrar uma resposta definitiva para você.

    • só é possível fazer essas coisas com o aplicativo Aqara Home, não o aplicativo Mi Home, pois o Mi Home possui bloqueios de região.

    • atualização: um colega executou um teste e pode adicionar o hub EU Aqara ao servidor da China e também pode adicionar o plug Aqar EU ao servidor da China, também através do hub Aqara. isso só pode ser feito no aplicativo Aqara Home.

      • Muito obrigado por todas estas resposta. Este site é a maior fonte de todas que uso para obter conhecimento sobre HomeKit. Muito obrigado pela dedicação.

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