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Vocolinc SmartBar Smart Plug

If you’re looking at picking up a Vocolinc Smartbar smart plug for your SmartHome, please consider using this affiliate link


The Vocolinc Smartbar is a wifi smart plug that’s compatible with the three major smart home ecosystems. Whether you’re in the Apple, Amazon or Google camps, or even in multiples at the same time, the Vocolinc smart bar is a great budget smart plug that will let you easily add smart home controls to some of your legacy appliances around the house.

At a current price of $25USD for a two-pack, the Vocolinc Smartbar doesn’t include some of the more advanced features like a nightlight, USB port, or energy monitoring as you would find in some of it’s more expensive competitors, but what it does have is an automatic power cycle feature that will quickly make this a favourite of anyone who’s ever had the need to remotely power cycle a router to figure out that once you turn it off…. You can’t connect to turn it back on.

The Vocolinc Smartbar has been a stable device and I haven’t seen a single disconnect/unavailable message in the short time that I’ve been using it.