Preorders for Vocolinc HomeKit Air Purifier Surface in Europe [UPDATE]

One product that was unofficially announced by Vocolinc last year, via a mailout to their customers, was the VAP1, also known as the PureFlow Air Purifier, and despite this product being touted at this year’s CES, very little has yet to be heard about it, even though we’re lucky enough to have the specs for this new product.

  • Superior filtration technology: three stages of the advanced HEPA filtration removes up to 99.5% of gases and particles down to 0.3 microns from your room, up to 700 sq. ft.
  • Full-angle filtration system: A dual air Inlet to top air outlet design captures harmful gases and particles from all angles.

The VAP1 PureFlow Air Purifier is capable of tackling;

  • PM2.5, VOCs, Formaldehyde, Benzenes, Smoke, general Odours, Allergens, Dust, Mould, Bacteria, Pet Dander, and Pollen.

The good news is that if you’re looking for a HomeKit (or Google and Amazon) compatible air purifier, you may be in luck, as it seems at least one online chain store, located in Denmark, but with regional stores in Sweden, Austria, Germany, Finland, Poland and Norway, is taking preorders, with shipping listed as 11-12 days. Proshop in all the countries listed, currently have the VAP1 listed, with the Swedish store showing the price as 4,799Kr (US$507 / UK£392 / EU€447 at exchange rates at the time of writing), although prices may vary from region to region, including the US. Interestingly, only the white model listed at present in these stores.

UPDATE: The VAP1 also briefly appeared on the BestBuy Canada site, with a list price of CA$399.00, although the link now no longer works.

Smart Air Purifier, Extreme Low Noise: 27dB at sleep Mode, Large Clean Air Distribution: up to 100 square meters, Effective Air Purifying Capability: bi-directional airflow, True HEPA and Activated Carbon: triple filtering technologies, 5 illuminated color-coded indicator, Works with: Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

The top of the VAP1 features one main button on the top which would be for power and is illuminated when powered on. Around the edge of the circular fan outlet vent are icons and indicators for various functions (from R to L);

  • Child Lock
  • timers/schedules
  • filter status
  • wifi connection
  • night mode
  • fans speed
  • temperature (Cº or Fº)
  • auto mode

We spoke to a representative from Vocolinc that confirmed that orders had been taken for this product, both with EU and US distributors, but couldn’t state when they would be shipped, possibly due to the current health crises affecting various countries. Hopefully, Sweden will be one of many countries selling this product, which is seriously under-represented in HomeKit, with only two models that we’re currently aware of.

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